Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hidden Halal treasure: 786 Char Kway Teow

I can't wait to share about this after eating it!
Chinese Fried Char Kway Teow!
Its full of cockles too!
It's done by a Chinese Muslim.
With a recipe and stall passed down by his grandma,
he took over and did everything the Muslim way.
Alhamdulillah, it's right nearby my workplace.
Everyone can eat.  
It opens at 2pm though, which is after lunchtime.

The noodles and kway teow are smooth, tangy, not too soft or too hard.
Very fresh vege and cockles.
You can request to add more chili if u want.

Address: 115 Bukit Merah View Market and Hawker Centre
Stall: 786 Char Kway Teo
Owner: Brother Anis Ng
Opening hours: 2pm till 10.30pm.
Close on Thursdays.

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